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Who We Are

Technogistics (TG) was created in 2001 to provide outsourced multi-principle warehousing and distribution services to clients who grasped the concept that outsourcing their warehousing and distribution needs, better positioned them to focus on their core business of marketing, sales, product management and product support.

The TG vision was to provide specialised, fit-for-purpose warehousing and distribution services to clients involved in the supply of Information Technology (IT) products, an industry sector in which the founders of TG had extensive experience and expertise.

By offering a neutral, warehousing and distribution service that catered for the business needs of multiple clients who engaged TG, enabled us to leverage the smaller individual client economies of scale into a consolidated larger economy of scale that allowed for greater operational efficiencies, whilst achieving tangible cost savings for each of our clients.

Modern day logistics however is more than warehousing and distribution and to keep pace with advancements, TG embraced a partnership approach which required active engagement with clients, to understand their business needs intricately and to tailor customised services for each to improve their supply chains, to add real value in their businesses and to position each with competitive advantage.

The versatile services we developed are designed as modular building blocks which form a flexible and performance proven tool set that we adapt and apply to the unique needs of each of our clients.

Today TG is recognised and acknowledged as a specialised provider of integrated logistics services to the IT industry, end to end.

We provide supply chain solutions designed and customised to achieve maximum flexibility and agility.

Our Partners

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